The Ruhunu Clinical Society

Ruhunu Clinical Society (RCS) was founded in 1972 by Dr. Ranjan Fernando, visiting physician to Matara Hospital (A Base Hospital then) and few other doctors. The main reason was to have an educational forum for doctors in the Matara district.

Membership of the society constitutes the doctors working in health institutions both central government and provincial health institutions in the district and general practitioners in the area. In addition to being an organization with educational emphasis, RCS has also functioned as a social hub for doctors in the area. With the expansion of health services in the area the society membership has grown significantly with close to 500 doctors now involving with the society.

In addition to Annual Academic Sessions regular clinical meetings held in Matara, society publishes Journal of Ruhunu Clinical Society from year 1994. Dr. SPW Kumarasinghe was the founding editor.

The History of "Ruhuna"

Matara is located in Ruhuna or “Rohana ratta”. “Ruhuna” is the name given to Southern part of the ancient settlement crescent of Sri Lanka. Mahaweli River separates it from more famous Rajarata Kingdom. Ruhunu kingdom has played a vital role in shaping the history of the island by providing refuge and resources to the Rajarata kingdom when faced with external invasions.

At times it had not been shy to express their own Ruhunu independence. The ancient “Ruhunu” (adjective of Ruhuna in Sinhalese) kingdom of the Ancient Sinhalese kings consisted of what are today the administrative Districts of Galle, Matara, Hambantota and Moneragala and parts of Sabragamuwa and Eastern provinces.

Though numerous artifacts have been unearthed of prehistoric settlements in the region, recorded history of the region goes back to 5th century BC, to King Paduwasdewa’s period.

At least from 246 BC Royalty of the region is considered descending from Anuradhapura kings as brother of King Devanampiya Tissa of Anuradhapura , Mahanaga established Kingdom of “Magama” in the banks of Walawe River.

Most of the stone inscriptions that mentions king Mahanaga have been recovered from present Ampara district disputing the popular beliefs of location of Ruhunu kingdom in Hambantota district.

The Council Members

Post Name Designation
President Dr. Gamini Rathnasiri Consultant Surgeon, DGH Matara
Vice President Dr. N. K. Amarasinghe Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, DGH Matara
Immediate past President Dr. Lanka Tennakoon Consultant Paediatrician, DGH Matara
Secretary Dr. Ganga Withana Pathirana Consultant Chemical Pathologist, DGH Matara
Assistant Secretary Dr. K. P. J. K. Rathnayaka Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Surangika Jayawickrama Medical officer, DGH Matara
Treasurer Dr. A. P. K. Narangoda Consultant Ophthalmologist, DGH Matara
Chief Editor Dr. Shayminda Kahandawa Consultant Endocrinologist, DGH Matara
Co – Editor Dr. Keerthi Weerawardana Consultant Surgeon, DGH Matara
Librarian Dr. Ushagowry Saravanamuttu Consultant Rhematologist, DGH Matara
Social Secretary Dr. Dileepa Amarasinghe Consultant Haematologist, DGH Matara
Council Members Dr. Chandana Mohotti Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, DGH Matara
Dr. Prasanna Liyanage Consultant Paediatrician, DGH Matara
Dr. P. D. B. L. Yapa Consultant Dermatologist, DGH Matara
Dr. Nimali Dilrukshi Vidanagamage Consultant Venereologist, DGH Matara
Clinical Coordinator Dr. Janaka Chandana Medical officer, DGH Matara
Research Coordinator Dr. Pamal Sudusinghe Medical officer, DGH Matara
Committee members Dr. Suijth Jayathunga Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Chamila Jayasekara Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Samantha Wickramasingh Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Priyatha Jayawardana Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Indunil Samarasinghe Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Manawa Deegoda Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Saminda Edirisinghe Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Thanuja Mendis Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Dulana Meegoda Medical officer, DGH Matara
Dr. Lakmal Ranasinghe Medical officer, DGH Matara

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The Journal of the Ruhunu Clinical Society is published by the Ruhunu Clinical Society.
The journal is published annually. It corresponds with the annual scientific sessions of the society. The submissions are accepted throughout the year.